Engendering Governance

Despite the prevalence of patriarchy and male dominated political system, an increasing number of women are entering the electoral fray at the local levels in India. It is significant to explore and critically analyse the multiple ways in which women from their different historical subjectivities of class, caste and ethnicity negotiate with the patriarchal structures and hegemonic institutions of the society.

Engendering Governance is capable of rearticulating the interfaces between the state and the social stake-holders; transform development and reshape citizenship and popular politics under the neo-liberal governmentality. The session on Engendering Governance will focus, mainly, on issues and questions to the themes related to Policies, Institutions and Practices; Local Governance and Gender Politics of Development and understanding Engendering Governance in the context of Civil Society, Market, Media and Political Parties.


Policies, Institutions and Practices
Gender and Local Governance
Engendering Governance Vs Civil Society, Market, Media and Political Parties