Day 1
November 12th, 2015
08:30 - 09:45 AM • Registration

10:00-12.00 PM
Inaugural Ceremony
12:00-12.15 PM - Tea Break
12:15-01:15 PM

Key Note Address - Economic Growth, Human Development and Grassroots Citizenship: A Gender Perspective
Prof. Naila Kabeer , Gender Institute, LSE, UK

Chair: Prof. Mridul Eapen - Ex Member, Planning Board, Government of Kerala and Governing Body Member, The Gender Park
01:15 - 02:00PM - Lunch Break
02:00-02:45 PM

Presentation: High Level Committee Report on the Status of Women in India (2013-2015), Government of India.

Dr. Pam Rajput, Chairperson, HLC, New Delhi
Ms. Bindu Ananth, Chair, IFMR Trust, Chennai
Prof. Mridul Eapen, Hon. Fellow, CDS, Trivandrum
Dr. Ravi Verma, Regional Director, ICRW, New Delhi, Asia Office

Chair: Ms. Aparna Mehrotra, Senior Advisor, Coordination, UN Women
Plenary Session - 02:50 - 04:20 PM
Positioning Kerala (CDS, Trivandrum)
02:50-03:00 PM
Demography of Sex Ratios in Kerala
Prof .S. Irudaya Rajan,CDS
3:02-03:12 PM

Gender differences in the Utilization of Inpatient care by the Elderly
Dr.U S Mishra,CDS
3:14-03:24 PM
Landholding, Technology and Women’s Work
Prof. K N Harilal
03:26-03:36 PM

Women’s Participation in MGNREGS in Kerala: Context, Patterns and Implication
Dr. Vinoj Abraham
03:38-03:48 PM

International Migration from Kerala, Gender and Family
Dr. Praveena Kodoth
03:50-04:25 PM

Chair: Dr. Devika, Associate Professor, CDS
Tea will be served during the Session
Plenary Session - 04.30 - 06.00 PM
Exclusions: Caste, Ethnicities, Region
04:30-04:45 PM

Until How Long Caste Based Discrimination Would Remain Excluded?
Ms. Manjula Pradip , Executive Director, Navsarjan, Gujarat
04:47-05:02 PM

Women’s Movement in North East India

Ms. Monisha Behal, Executive Director, North East Network, Guwahati
05:04-05:19 PM

Nepal's New Constitution (20th September, 2015) & Issues of Inclusion
Ms.Rita Thapa, Tewa, Nepal
05:21-06:00 PM

Chair: Dr. Meera Velayudhan, Senior Policy Analyst (Gender and Culture), CESC, Ahmedabad
06:00-06:30 PM

Poster Display
Performance by
Dr. Mallika V Sarabhai and Team
‘In Search of the Goddess’
Tea will be served during the Session

Day 2
November 13th, 2015
08:00 - 08:45 AM • Registration

Plenary Session - 09:00 - 10:30 PM
Gender and Collective Bargaining with a Focus on Old and New Forms of Labour Mobilizations
09:00 - 09:15 AM

'The Politics of Claims - Making by Women Workers in the Global Economy'
Prof. Naila Kabeer, Gender Institute, LSE,UK
09:17- 09:32 AM
'Women and overseas migration'
Dr. Sr Lissy, NDWM, Hyderabad
9:34-09:49 AM

Gender and Collective Bargaining, Emerging Forms of Collective Mobilisation
Dr. Sumangala Damodaran , Associate Professor, AUD, New Delhi
09:51-10:30 AM

Chair: Ms. Sonia George, Coordinator, SEWA, Kerala
10:30 - 10:45 AM - Tea Break
Parallel Sessions 10:45 - 12:15 PM
Session I
Linking Institutions and Livelihoods: Reflections on Women, Work, Skills and Collective Bargaining
Session I I
Gendered Citizenship and Human Development: Issues and Challenges

Session I I I
Young Scholar Session-Health
(7 minutes each)

10:45-11:05 AM
Probing the Low Participation Rates: A Comparative Analysis of Women’s Employment in India and Kerala
Prof. Neetha N, CWDS, New Delhi
Equal Laws but Unequal Protection
Dr. Gita Gopal,Gender Advisor,Government of Kerala
Gender Matters: The Differential Morbidity, Response and Resilience Mechanisms Among Women in the Context of Emerging and Re-Emerging Communicable Diseases in Kerala
Ms. Sivaja K Nair, Research Scholar, IIT Madras
11:07-11:27 AM
Gender and Informality in Employment
Prof. Preet Rustagi, IHD, New Delhi
Developmental Citizenship and Gender in Contemporary India and Kerala
Dr. Devika,Associate Professor, CDS
Family Planning Policies and Women in Iran
Ms.Tahereh Yadegari, MA Anthropology, Hyderabad Central University
11:29-11:49 AM
Linking Institutions and Livelihoods: Reflections on Women, Work and Skills
Prof. A V Jose, CDS, Trivandrum and Ms. Nalini Nayak Sewa, Kerala
Transgressing the Borders of Legality: Gender, Citizenship and Transnational Migration of Women Domestic Workers
Dr. Bindulakshmi Pattadath Assistant Professor,TISS, Mumbai
Cries From The Womb: An Attempt to Fight Female Foeticide
Ms. Usha Sharma, Department of Education, Maharashtra
11:51-12:15 PM
DiscussionChair : Prof. Padmini Swaminthan,TISS, Hyderabad
Chair : Prof. Rosa Perez University Of Lisbon, Portugal
An Intervention on Decision- making and Self-esteem Among Institutionalised Adolescent Girls
Ms Chaitra, And Ms.Kavita J, Research Scholars, NIMHANS,Bangalore
Psychosocial and Clinical Profile of Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Psychiatric Disorders
Ms. Kavita Jangam, Mr.Muralidhar an. K, Ms. Tansa K. A, Research Scholars, NIMHANS, Bangalore
Population Debates in Colonial India: A Feminist Response
Ms. Ramneet Kaur, Research Scholar, University of Delhi
Perception of Social Support and Maternal Mood During Pregnancy
Ms. Supraja T A, Research Scholar, NIMHANS, Bangalore
Economic Empowerment and Women with Locomotor Disabilities: Barriers in the Society
Mr. Nayan Roy Chaudhuri, Mr. Abhijit Ghosh, Social Workers, NIOH, Kolkata
Discussion (Chair) Chair: Prof. David Legge, La Trobe University in Melbourne
Plenary Session - 12:20 - 1:30 PM
Understanding Masculinity: Men and Boys for Equality and Gender Justice
12:20 - 12:30 PM

Masculinity and Religious Socio-Economic Interface in South Asia
Mr. Subhash Mendhapurkar, Founder/Director SUTRA, Himachal Pradesh
12:32 - 12:42 PM

Working with Men for Gender Equality and Reconstructing Masculinity: The Grassroots Experience
Mr. Anand Pawar, Executive Director, SAMYAK, Communication and Resource Centre, Pune
12:44 - 12:54 PM

Possibilities and Challenges in Dealing with Masculinity: The Praxis View...
Mr. Satish Kumar, Additional Director CHSJ, New Delhi
12:56 - 01:06 PM

Engaging Of Feminist Allies In Addressing Masculinity
Ms. Bimla Chandrashekhar,Founder/Director, EKTA, Resource Centre For Women, Madhurai
01:08 - 01:30 PM

Chair : Mr. Shrinivas Rao, Azad Foundation, New Delhi
01:30-02:15 PM - Lunch Break
Parallel Sessions 02:15 - 3:45 PM
Session I
Neo-Liberalism and Health: The Mining of Health Sector
Session I I
Discussion on Kerala’s Policy for Transgender

Session I I I
Young Scholar Session-Law
(7 minutes each)

02:15-02:25 PM
Corporatisation of Health Services and the Rise of Medical Industrial Complex in India
Prof Rama Baru JNU, New Delhi
(10 minutes each)
Mr. Sonu Niranjan
Training Officer, Sangama, Bangalore
Ms. Simran Shaikh
Programme Officer HIV/AIDS Alliance New Delhi Ms.
Ms. Kalki Subramaniam
Founder, Sahodari Foundation, Auroville
Ms. Akkai Padmashali
Founder, Ondede, Bangalore
Prostitution: Health, Human Rights and Law
Ms Iqra Khalidand Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi,IInd Year, Faculty of Law, University Of Delhi
A Critical Analysis of the Sexual Harassment Laws in India
Ms. Moksha da Bhushan, Faculty ,Law schoo
02:27-02:37 PM
Global Health Crisis, Transnational Capitalism and Gender Solidarity
Prof. David Legge, La Trobe University In Melbourne
Chair: Mr. Jithendran VN , IAS, Director, Department Of Social Justice, Keral
Gender Sensitivity, Law and Society: Transgender Issues
Mr. Apoorva Kumar, Student Amity Law School, Delhi
02:39-02:49 PM
Inequalities in Income and Wealth
Prof. Vikas Rawal, JNU, New Delhi
RTI as a Tool for Strengthening Women’s Social Security
Mr. A. Aravindan Assistant Professor (Law) University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Energy Acres, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
02:51-03:01 PM
Private Capital in Health Care System in India: Some Observations and Concerns
Dr. Indira Chakravarthy, Public Health Specialist, Visiting Fellow, JNU
Women in Combat: Marching their Way Towards Gender Inclusion
Ms. Aishani Anvekar, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Pune
03:03-03:13 PM
Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: An Overview of Policy Level Changes and its Implications for Access to Medicnes
Dr. M.R. Santhosh , Assistant Professor, TISS, GuwahatI
Discussion Chair: Ms. J. Sandhya Advocate & Member Child Rights Commission Trivandrum
03:15-03:45 PM
Chair: Prof. Mohan Rao JNU, New-Delhi
01:30-02:15 PM - Lunch Break
Parallel Sessions 04:00 - 05:30 PM
Session I
Health And Well-Being

Session I I

Session I I I
Young Scholar Session-Economy xAnd Work
(7 minutes each)
04:00-04:15 PM
Reproductive And Sexual Health Rights
Mr. Subhash Mendhapur kar from SUTRA, Himachal Pradesh
Including Gender in Education: The politics of data and development
Dr. Dipta Bhog, Nirantar, Delhi
Challenges and Issues of Home Based Work: A Case Study of Beedi Rolling Industry in Malabar
Ms. Suramya T.K. Research Scholar, IIT, Madras
04:17-04:32 PM
Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Commercial Surrogacy
Ms. Simran , SAMA, Resource Group for Women and Health , Delhi
Impact of Education on Women’s Health, Skills Employment and Empowerment
Dr. Akhila Radhakrishnan, Planning and Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF Tamil Nadu
Female Domestic Workers: Performing Gendered Labour in Global Markets
Ms. Nargis Vasundhara, Research Scholar, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University
04:34-04.49 PM
Demographic Trends- Sex Ratio, Ageing
Dr. K.S.James , ISEC, Bangalore
Education, the Third Eye and Women's Political Agency: Three Moments in History
Prof. Uma Chakravarti Feminist, Historian, New Delhi
Explaining Gender Discrimination in the Employment and Earnings of Engineering Graduates in India
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Choudhury , Assistant Professor, JNU, New Delhi
04:51-05:06 PM
Mental Health
Dr. Nima Ganga , Post-Doctoral Fellow, Duke University
Chair: Dr. Nandini Manjrekar Associate Professor, TISS, Mumbai
“Groomed bodies at Work”
Ms. Ipsita Pradhan, Research Scholar, HCU, Hyderabad
05:06-05:30 PM
Chair: Ms Indu Capoor , CHETNA, Ahmedabad
Recognising Unpaid Work: Critical for Securing Women’s Human Right
Mr. Anil Kumar, PWESCR New Delhi
Gendered Employment: Dynamics in Unorganised Manufactuing in India
Ms. Jumrani and Ms. Pavitra S Scientist, Research ICAR-NIAP, New Delhi.
Constituting Gender and Work: A Case Study of Theeramythri Programme for Fisher Women in Kerala
Ms. Aswathy P, Research Scholar, IIT, Madras
An Investigation into the Gender Dimensions of Taxation in India
Ms. Sunpriya Balachandran, . Assistant Professor On Contract, All Saints' College Thiruvananthapu ram
An Investigation into the Gender Dimensions of Taxation in India
Ms. Sunpriya Balachandran, . Assistant Professor On Contract, All Saints' College Thiruvananthapu ram
Chair: Ms. Aleyamma Vijayan, Sakhi , Resource Centre for Women and Gender Studies, Kerala
Plenary Session - 05:30-07:00 PM
Image Of Women In The Media
05: 30 - 05:45 PM

Such a Long Journey - Claiming Media as a Gendered Space
Ms. Pamela Philipose , Senior Fellow, ICSSR
05: 47- 06:02 PM
Portrayal of Women in the Media
Ms. Parvathy , Actress
06:04 - 06:19 PM

Gender Bias without Borders: An Investigation of Female Characters in Popular Films across 11 Countries
Ms. Pat Mitchell, CEO, POW! Strategies, New York, USA
06: 21 - 07:00 PM

(Chair) Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, Darpana , Ahmedabad
08:00 - 9:00 PM - Dinner &
‘Natya Vismaya’ -TransgenderDance Group, Kerala

Day 3
November 14th, 2015
08:00 - 08:30 AM • Registration

Parallel Sessions - 08:45 - 10:30 PM
Session I
Gender And Development

Session I I
Engendering Governance (15 Minutes)

Session I I I
Young Scholar Session-
‘Culture Politics and Media’
08:45-09:00 AM
Gender and Infrastructure
Ms. Julie Babinard, Senior Transport Specialist, Transport Unit of the Transport, Water and Information, and Communication, World Bank, Washington DC
Engendering Governance : Integrating Gender and Human Rights into the Post 2015 Development Agenda
Prof. Radhika Balakrishnan, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Dismantling Heteronormativity: an Agenda for Gender Equality in Media
Mr. Pranta Pratik Pat - naik , Assistant Professor, University of Rajasthan
09:02–09:17 AM
Gender and Infrastructure
Ms. Sonomi Tanaka, Technical Advisor (Gender Equity), ADB
Feminist Reflections on Power, Politics and Policy Transformation: a Case Study on Engendering Governance through Supporting Organising and Building Institutions of the Poor Under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM)”
Ms. Sejal Dand Director, ANANDI, New Delhi
Love, Sex and Relationship as Consumerism; an Inquiry into Contemporary Bazar of Films
Mr. Aamir Qayoom , Research Scholar, JNU, New Delh
09:19-09:34 AM
Gender Issues and Industry
Ms. Nadereh Chamlou, Former Senior Advisor, The World Bank. Washington DC
Caste as 'Counter Publics' to Gender: Engendering Rural Local Governance in India
Dr. Manjula Bharathi, Associate Professor, TISS, Mumba
Feminisati n of Power in Pakistan
Abdul Wahid Khan, Fatin Nawaz and Sana Rizwan
Examining the ‘Intersectionality’ in Feminist Politics of India: Reading through Subaltern Women
Mr. Jadhav Prathap Singh, Ms. Tania Anupam Patel, Research Scholar, HCU, Hyderabad
09:36-09:51 AM
Public Private Partnership
Dr. PTM Sunish, CEO, The Gender Park Government of Kerala, and Ms. Shanti Joseph Director, Alterneit Lifestyles Trivandrum

Ms. Sonomi Tanaka,
Technical Advisor (Gender Equity), ADB
Chair: Prof. Padmini Swaminathan , TISS, Hyderabad
Lost Dreams of Kashmiri Pandit Women
Dr. Jiji Paul. S, Asst Prof. Mar Dionysious College, Pazhanji. Kerala
The Political Economy of Violence: Women and Livelihoods in Post war Sri Lanka
Ms. Prashanti Jayasekhara, CEPA Colombo, Sri Lanka
Third Gender and the Crisis of Citizenship
Ms. Anzu Augustine Thematic Anchor Kudumbashree, NRO,Kerala
10:08-10:30 AM
Chair: Ms. Nalini Nayak, SEWA, Kerala
Contested Body and Desire: Lived Experiences of Lesbians In Kerala
Ms. Agaja P, M.Phil HCU, Hyderabad
Chair: Ms. Jayasree Prasad
10:30 - 10:45 AM - Tea Break
Plenary Session - 10:45 - 12:00 PM
Disability: Changing the Power Equation
10:45-10:55 AM

Inclusion of Women with Disabilities: Need for a Gender Framework

Dr. MK Jeyaraj, Director, State Institute for the Mentally Challenged, Dept. of General Education, Govt. of Kerala
10:57-11:07 AM

Gender and Disability: an Intersectional Approach
Ms. Mercy Kappen, Director, Visthar , Academy of Justice and Peace, Bangalore
11:09-11:19 AM

'The Advantage of Being Disabled'

Ms. Sabriye Tenberken , Founder, Kanthari International, Kerala
11:21 -12:00

Chair: Mr. Graham Varley , Kanthari International, Trivandrum, Kerala
Parallel Sessions 12:00 - 1:15 PM

Session I
Special Session- Self-Help or Social Transformation: The Role of Women in Local Governance in Kerala, India, and South Africa
Session I I
Young Scholar Session- Education

12:00 - 12:15 PM
Making Space for Women in Urban Governance? Leadership and Claims- Making in a Kerala Slum
Dr. Glyn Williams, University of Sheffield, UK and Dr. Guro Aandhal NIBR, Oslo
The Influence of Parental Variables on Gender Discrimination of The Primary School Child in Port Harcourt Metropolis of Rivers State, Nigeria
Mr. Anero Nnamdi, Faculty of Education Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
12:17 - 12:32 PM
Practicing Women's Agency in South Africa: Reflections on Women in Governance
Dr. Michelle Williams, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Vocational Education and Training and Labour Market Outcomes: a Gender Perspective
Ms. Andrea Vincent , ISEC, Bangalore
12:34 -12:49 PM
Women's Access to Resources in Two Highly Disadvantaged Communities in Kerala
Dr. Vinoj Abraham , Associate Professor, CDS, Trivandrum
Absence of Transgender in Curriculum
Dr. Sundara Raj T , Assistant professor, and Mr. Kiran Paul Periyar University, Tamil Nadu
12:51 - 01:15 PM
Chair: Dr Devika Associate Professor, CDS
Muslim Women and Access to Public Sphere: Constraining Role of Education
Ms. Khadeeja Mangat , Calicut, Kerala
Educational Schemes Serving Poor Students: a Case Study of Performance of Girl Children In Dhuri Village of West Bengal
Ms. Anima Mali , Research Scholar TISS, Mumbai
Access To Education in Muslim Women in Nepal with Reference to Gender Equality Approach
Mr. Dilli R. Prasai, Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Chair: Ms. Mini Sukumar Assistant Professor, Centre for women’s studies
01:15-02:15 PM - Lunch Break
Round Table 02:15 - 03:45 PM
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Round Table Discussants
Ms. Kalki Subramaniam , Founder, Sahodari Foundation
Ms Sharmistha Mukherjee , Activist, Dancer, New Delhi
Ms. Meagan Falloone, CEO, Barefoot College International,Tilonia, Rajasthan
Ms. Vanitha Datla , Chairperson, CII, Telengana
Dr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General at India China Economic and Cultural Council
Ms. Ritu Kapur, Co-Founder, The Quint, Delhi
Ms. Li, Chinese Entrepreneur
Ms. Anu Sriram, Deputy Chairwoman , IWN Southern Region, CII
Dr. Mary Roy (2 mnt Video)
Ms. Maria Umar , Founder, Women's Digital League
Moderator: Dr. KM Abraham , Additional Chief Secretary, Finance and Social Justice, Kerala
03:45 - 04:00 PM - Tea Break
04:00- 06:00 PM

Valedictory Ceremony International Conference on Gender Equality (ICGE-1) Statement Declaration
07:00 PM - Buffet Dinner & Performance